We’ll spend the week in the heart of green Umbria, lodging and practicing in three different sites, all located along Cammino di San Francesco, the St. Francis trail. So during our stay - when we won’t be practicing yoga - we will have the opportunity, if we like, to travel short distances of the trail that is surrounded by beautiful countryside, going through small villages, vineyards and olive tree groves while offering an opportunity of a deep contact with nature in an authentic spiritual atmosphere.

Poreta, Italy: September 18-21

About Poreta

During our stay in Poreta we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Spoleto (distant only 10 km, 15 minutes by car or bus) definitely one of the most attractive small towns in Umbria. The local say that Spoleto has three wonders: the mountain, the bridge and the fountain. The mountain is Monteluco with its centuries old forest where St. Francis built a small convent in 1218, the medieval bridge is “Ponte delle Torri” (an aqueduct of the Roman times) and the fountain is “Fontana del Mascherone” at the entrance of the fortress. But there is also a wonderful cathedral that deserves an attentive visit.


We’ll meet in PORETA on Wednesday September 18 in the afternoon, in time to start with our restorative practice at 5:00pm. We’ll lodge at Borgo della Marmotta that is one the most comfortable “farm resort” in Central Italy, owned by the same family since 1673. An attentive restoration was recently completed and now Borgo offers comfortable rooms, a wide yoga room and a large pool. The ideal place to get in touch with the Italian countryside and start our week of retreat.

Trevi, Italy: September 21-23

About Trevi

On September 21 (Saturday), after our morning practice and breakfast, a minivan will bring us to TREVI (486 m.) a small town rich of monuments and churches. Particularly interesting are the church of Sant’Emiliano (a Romanesque church from the 12th century) and the Church of San Francesco, built in honour of the saint who had come here to preach in 1213.


In Trevi we’ll stay at Antica Dimora della Rocca, a very comfortable and charming hotel located in a quiet small square in the centre of the village, with a good restaurant where we will have our dinner and breakfast. Not far from the hotel, in an ancient building, there is a comfortable yoga room where we’ll do our morning and afternoon practice.

Asissi, Italy: September 23-25

About Asissi

On September 23 (Monday), after our morning practice and breakfast, we’’ll be transported by minivan to ASSISI. Assisi is a unique town in the world, a place of profound peace and spirituality. The Basilica di San Francesco is a wonderful church where it is worth to sit quietly in meditation and prayer, especially in the crypt, that is St. Francis’ burial place. Our week of retreat will finish in the morning of September 25 (Wednesday) but our recommendation is to extend the stay in Assisi of at least a couple of days to make full experience of the magic atmosphere of this sacred place.


We’ll lodge at Hotel della Rocca, a simple but very central hotel in the old town.

Cammino di San Francesco: St. Francis's Trail


The Cammino di San Francesco connects these three cities. We will have some hikes throughout the week, walking parts of this trail.