I’ve been reading Astrology charts since 1998, and feel this as an ancient skill which comes through me.

What happens in an astrology reading?

In an astrology reading, I will look at the placement of the planets in the signs and houses of the zodiac wheel, determined by your birthday, birthtime, and birthplace on the planet. Each sign and house of the zodiac wheel is basically 30 degrees and the placement of the planets in this map is like a focal point of energy in certain areas of our lives. This gives me a tremendous amount of information about your soul, your parents, life’s work, sexuality, karmic gifts and challenges. There are also geometric shapes between the planets, which we call aspects, such as 90 degrees/squares, 120 degrees/trines, 180 degrees/oppositions. These tell of an individual’s tendencies, their way of expressing themselves in life, their karmic gifts and challenges in the present incarnation.

There is some dialogue in a reading as I am reflecting information to the person about their life story, but the focus is to hear and receive information about the larger persona and soul matrix of who we are. This is not a therapy session in that the client is more in Receptive mode receiving information, illuminations and validations about who they are. The value of this is bringing our challenging issues and gifts onto the level of consciousness so that we have more leverage, ability and flexibility in expressing, embracing, healing and integrating the older core issues of our soul.

Costs and Logistics

New sessions are $200.00 for a 90 minute reading. We will record the session digitally (.mp3) so you can review it at your convenience.


To schedule a session, email tmfortel@gmail.com.

What are the metaphysical sciences?

Basically these are Astrology, Numerology, the Tarot, I Ching and Runes. Astrology and Numerology are ancient maps and tools for understanding and reflecting on the energy matrix of our soul. By saying matrix I mean the composite network of pastlife actions, both positive and challenging karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect. We have sown seeds of actions in past and present lives, and we reap the results of those seeds and actions. The metaphysical sciences are a way of bringing the challenges and gifts onto a conscious level. Then we begin the process of integrating the gifts and addressing the conflicts and blockages. The Tarot, I Ching and Runes are metaphysical tools where the practitioner operates as a vehicle or oracle of the Universal Intelligence through the various tools, the cards, coins and blocks.

In astrology we each know ourselves as a sign. This indicates the Sun sign in our charts, the time of year we were born. The Sun represents deep down who we are, the father, our soul and fundamental self. While the Sun sign is extremely significant, the placement of the Moon and the degree of the Ascendant (rising sign) are also very important aspects of who we are. The Moon represents the mother, our feminine side and emotional nature. The placement of all the planets in the signs and house are important, but the Sun and Moon hold particular importance and reflect who we fundamentally are.

On the map, or chart, which is the earth so to speak, the rising sign is the horizontal line on the left side. The rising or ascendant is the cusp of the first house and indicates our outer persona in the world, how people see us and how we project ourselves out. It also indicates the physical body. There is another important marker on the map, the uppermost vertical line known as the midheaven. The degree of the midheaven is the cusp of the 10th house and indicates our outer persona in terms of career. This also indicates our dharma and offering to the community, the world and larger collective. It is the indicator of our career and holds particular relevance as high noon on the map. The zenith or pinnacle of light in the day has a very spiritual quality since the Sun is the Source of Prana, Light and Vitality. It is God. In this way the midheaven has a spiritual quality within the context of career and virtue for the world.

What I understand and accept is that the soul is in a process of evolution through many bodies and incarnations (lifetimes), what we call past lives. I understand that this concept is very contrary to the predominate Judeo-Christian values in our culture and society, yet the truth of this reality continues to be validated by the readings and experiences which I have. I am not interested in debating the validity of astrology with individuals who do not accept it. I simply wish to work with people who value the potential information about their soul matrix and life history.

As I have opened myself to astrology and the broader field of metaphysics, I see that I have become more conscious of a living, pulsating, intelligent force behind the Mystery of Life. Nothing can explain the Mystery, of course not, but the metaphysics are a clear and methodical attempt to explain the energy matrix which lies below or behind manifest reality. In the philosophy of yoga it is taught there is an underlying energy which exists in all people, animals, all of nature, in everything. Equality consciousness. This energy has many names in all the four corners of the earth. In yoga, the energy is known as Prana, Shakti or Kundalini. In Japan the energy is known as Ki, in China the Chi, and Christianity, the holy Spirit. This energy is the Intelligence, the Supreme Commander so to speak, God and Goddess, imbued in the form of Consciousness in all life, animate and inanimate.

In the practices of yoga we activate the flow of this energy so that life is more vibrant, healthy and uplifting. In astrology and the metaphysics, maps or systems of study have been developed over thousands of years and are meant to assist the individual with understanding the evolution of their soul. In the last 2000 years during the Piscean age, the higher information was esoteric, meaning the mystical information was not available to the masses of population on the planet. The information was passed on from master to disciple and guarded in this way. In the large religious systems of the world, the esoteric information was unacceptable because it gave the individual power to understand their soul and the church sought to maintain control over the people. I imagine that many of us have past-life impressions of not being able to speak the truth and being killed or silenced in the pursuit of the higher knowledge and virtue offered for the world.